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Who hasn't considered murder? The passion-hungry narrator of Matricide has done more than just consider it. When she gets involved with a woman who is a better, more accomplished writer than she is, secrets surface about her dark, conflicted past. This book takes an entertaining and disturbing look at the complicated condition of unconditional love-and-hate.

Although she loves her girlfriend Connie, the narrator of The House of Real Love has a bad habit of engaging in casual affairs. When our heroine gets caught cheating, she takes an outrageous and humorous approach to redemption in this wry, farcical tale of a tumultuous relationship, lesbian life, and enduring love.

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What happens when a teacher at a prestigious girls school is accused of pedophilia? Tackling taboo subjects with dark humor, Mayfield Academy takes us into the secret lives of compelling characters entangling themselves in lies.

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Voyages Out 1
is a collection of short fiction about problems lesbians face, from the personal to the societal. Stories contributed by Ms. Tomaso include "Kat," about a stepsister who loves everything about the narrator except the fact that she loves women; "Stranger," about a woman who is overhearing the object of her unrequited love while sitting in a dentist's chair; and "My Father, the Novelist," about a young woman who invites her father to dinner, during which he rewrites his whole life. 

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