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Carla Tomaso
Frozen by Carla Tomaso

Frozen is the story of a woman who must reanimate her cryonically frozen, narcissistic mother and raise her from childhood. Elizabeth is determined to re-raise horrible Helen to be the mom she deserves, but her mother-turned-daughter is worse than ever.

Praise for Frozen
"Dark giggles abound in her queer tale of unexpected transformation. Tomaso has served up some completely original twists in this page-turner. Read it, laugh, weep, and wonder."

—Mary Wings, author of She Came in Drag

"Frozen is a fast-paced fun-house ride through a psychological minefield, one in which the technology of the future collides with arrested development as old as time itself.  Just when Elizabeth thinks she might finally be free of her narcissistic mother, Helen, who has died, she's informed that “Mommie Dearest” has been cryonically frozen, insisting that her daughter thaw her and raise her from infancy.  Author Carla Tomaso has never met a taboo she didn't shatter to smithereens, and in this super-smart, dark comedy—that includes a cat-eating python, sexy lifeguards, and murder—she turns sentiment on its head as she encourages us to liberate ourselves from our own mommy complexes."

—Terry Wolverton, author of Stealing Angel

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